New Post on Doctors for America: Where We Begin

Dear Readers,

*You may have seen me posting from time to time on Doctors for America’s blog Progress Notes. I have recently been promoted to a monthly contributor! Don’t worry readers, I will still be posting my personal reflections here, but saving some more wonkish thoughts to engage in the discussion there. *

*Here’s a snippit from my first post as a regular contributor:

We dream of patient-centered medical homes – perhaps your clinic is even in the process of implementing one. We talk about nurse care mangers and patient navigators – perhaps your clinic even has one or refers to such a service. Nevertheless, in actual discussions of how we address patient issues now, the ultimate responsibility seems to still fall upon the doctor to try and figure out how to fit everything into the twenty minute visit.

Are we still so cynical to not truly believe that change is coming? Or is this more deeply rooted in our tendency to place the doctor-patient relationship at the center of all health care? There are justifiable reasons for why we might want to say “yes” to both of these questions: change is slow, resources are limited, and no matter what changes are made the doctor-patient relationship is still very important. However, if we are to move forward into the future of health care, we need to all acknowledge our biases and understand how they shape our discussions of what health care will and should look like.

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