Looking Back on a First Year of Medical School

Some way, somehow, my first year of medical school has passed and I am beginning the adventure that is my last summer of freedom (jam-packed with multiple exciting projects and travel). That means that, among other things, this blog is also nearly a year old, having survived a serious hiatus during anatomy and emerging with an active readership even as I struggle to bring ideas to posts.

I’m still learning. I’m still writing and tossing out more than I post here. I’m still thinking about what it means to blog as a medical student. Something I’ve realized about blogging — it may be tempting to focus on what drives traffic and write about the hottest and latest controversies of the field, but what is most rewarding is not what is “hot” or “trendy” but what speaks most from your unique perspective and experience in the issues. When you blog about your experiences, you speak for all those that have experienced or might consider pursuing those experiences themselves. Though there may be much fewer people that identify with experiences as opposed to policy discussions, they are the ones that might actually use your story for something in their lives. Also, it’s just more fun and easier to get the drive to write when it is about something that is close and personal, even when you must overcome fears of vulnerability and tread carefully around the privacy issues.

So, cognizant of this, while I am not going to stop posting my reflections on policy, but I am going to take some time during these lazy, reflective summer months to write more about my experiences over the past year and what I’ve learned from them, so perhaps the next (and present) generation of medical students will have some guidance or at least assurance that they are not alone in the trials and tribulations of working to make a difference.

So stay tuned, and thank you for following my journey!