Looking Back and Looking Forward

As I post this, it’s a month shy of my third year blogging anniversary. When I first started, it was half a prayer for myself to start writing again and half a dream that I might create something worth remembering during medical school. I’ve neither managed to write consistently, nor create something truly remarkable, but I have learned so much from the experience of putting myself into the public eye and committing to making my opinions known.

So I’m writing today to thank you my readers for being with me on this journey, and also to ask those of you that have been following me on Google Reader to continue doing so using some other RSS reader picking up the slack, like Feedly or Newsblur, or even subscribing to my feed via email (I promise not to spam. All that goes through the email right now is new posts anyways).

I write also to ask — who are you, dear readers? and what brings you here? what would bring you back?

I’m learning that more than anything, the social web is a far better listening platform than anything else. I’m learning more than anything that even if you feel underqualified and unready, it’s better still to put yourself forward than to hold yourself back.

More posts soon as third year wraps up in four (!!!) more days. Thank you again, so much, for being here.