Being Grateful for 2011

While I do have an actual post on New Year’s Resolutions in the works, I thought I would take a moment and reflect on how far I’ve come from last year’s resolutions and where I was at this time last year.

After all, one of the greatest rewards of writing is to be able to look back on what you’ve written and realize just how far you have come.

I am so much happier now than I was last year, so much more secure in my personal and professional relationships and so much more confident that I am capable of taking advantage of all that medical school has to offer. Though I have not actually thought about it on a consistent basis, I have been consciously feeling more grateful for the wonderful people in my life and the wonderful opportunities that I have had. While I am still putting together my goals for 2012, I have a feeling that my personal theme is going to take a little step back from the abundance that my work in 2011 has provided me and **do more **with the few projects that I do choose to focus on.

I am recognizing more than ever that being able to write openly and well is such a blessing. Over the past year, I have seen so many medical students feel obligated to write under pseudonyms or otherwise keep quiet about the problems they are facing in their schooling and in healthcare because they are being educated at an institution that does not take student feedback seriously or value transparency. I am realizing by reading their comments that I am incredibly lucky to be at an institution that does take student feedback seriously (and so I don’t have to take to the internets to give any feedback I might have) and an institution that does not take issue with me speaking about my experience with a medical student (so long as I protect patient privacy and do so professionally). I am eternally grateful for this medium that allows me to express myself while also providing something worthwhile for others to read and addressing issues important to the world as a whole.

As for my final resolution on striving to be healthy in 2011, for better or for worse, that resolution is continuing into this year and I am glad to see in this resolution, I am not alone among my medical student blogging colleagues. Stay tuned for my next post on how I will be developing an exercise habit in 2012!