About this Blog

My name is Emily Lu and this is my blog about realizing my dream of building a better healthcare system–one that really listens and responds to the needs of its patients, which is financially sustainable and a positive influence on its community.

Becoming a doctor is not the straightest path towards making an impact on one’s community. In fact, the profession doesn’t really make it easy to do so: what with the mountain of student debt, the increased prestige for subspecialty physicians and the incredible amount of bureaucracy and paperwork associated with running a practice. So why is there so much material out there about applying to medical school, studying for MCATs/boards, surviving residency, and so little about meeting the greatest and most important challenge of all: becoming a great physician who is making a great difference in his or her community?

I don’t have all the answers. I’m traveling this road just like anybody else, but I do feel strongly that prospective physician-changemakers could use a lesson from the millennial nonprofit professional community: **we’re not the emerging leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today. **We can make an impact on our communities, even before we graduate medical school, and take those lessons with us to make a real difference in the issues that we are passionate about.

Please feel free to contact me at a.single.drop [at] gmail [dot] com or catch me on Twitter at @a_singledrop.