A Personal Update

Somehow, it’s been over a month since I last wrote.

What happened?

I was gaining momentum in January, developing discussions and projects until my head was filled with blogging topics ready to be written. But February overwhelmed me with planning one major event after another, applying for and submitting a proposal for an exciting summer research project, organizing new volunteering opportunities and, as always, the usual grind of medical school classes.

Thankfully, what I have seen of March so far has been kinder. It’s snowing in Chicago right now with a windstorm making sky-high waves in Lake Michigan. But even that can’t dampen the feeling that spring is so, very close. That is the promise of this month — fresh, new projects and a chance to regroup and refocus.

This is the real reason I’ve never believed in New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions have no chance of flourishing in dead-of-winter January. But now, at the turn of the seasons, I can say with confidence what I can promise myself for the new year;

  • a renewed commitment to writing, here and elsewhere in my life. Class schedules may prevent me from taking the creative writing class I hoped for, but I will still be taking a class with the Writing Program at the University of Chicago, which I am very excited about.
  • a desire to promote my own health along with others. I will be working on a project involved in the idea that diet and exercise is going to cure chronic disease more than any other medical treatment, and working to make that accessible to patients in a very real and authentic way. As I’ve learned more about this movement, I’ve realized that there is no excuse for my current slothfulness. I can exercise more (not a high bar), and I will.
  • a continued gratefulness of the connections I’ve made and the friendships that will strengthen in the years to come. It’s taken me longer than some to come to this place, but I’m feeling finally well-supported professionally and personally in my social network in a way that I have not felt since high school. I was asked the other day why it is that despite all that I do, I have not burned out yet, and part of it is that I still work to seek space in the midst of fullness and the other part is all the lovely people in my life.

So thank you, friends and faithful blog subscribers, I appreciate your support on this journey of mine. And with that, enough of this wishy washy stuff, there are far too many substantive blog posts on the queue — on physician advocacy, health screenings and the role of medical schools in shaping the Gen Y physician — so stay tuned!