Purpose Statement

For the month of August, I will be participating in the 31 Days to a Brand New Blog Challenge at Blogging for Branding to help keep my blogging juices flowing even during the darkest days of first-year anatomy. I won’t be posting every assignment here, but I thought today’s assignment might be interesting to share:

Day 2: Write a Purpose Statement for Your Blog

  • Why do you blog?
  • What do you blog about?
  • What do you want to become known for through your blog?

I’ve covered some of this in my about page, but I’d like to flesh this out a bit more (and possibly tweak my about page to make everything just that little bit clearer). So, here goes:

**I blog because I feel that there is much that health care practitioners can learn about building a better healthcare system from non-practitioners. **Healthcare is a complex world of not just doctors and patients, but also consumers that want to have great products, businesspeople that want to maintain their bottom line, idealists that want to make a difference, or simply just people with their own hopes and dreams that encompass more than just caring for and pursuing health. I feel that my experience in the mission-driven world of the nonprofit sector has taught me that no matter how great your vision for a better world is, it is important to really listen to all the stakeholders involved in that world or it will never succeed.

In short, my aim in this blog is not to build a better vision of healthcare from scratch, but to pull together different perspectives of what could be better to stimulate discussion and organically develop a vision and a plan of action for better healthcare. I start from my own perspective as a student and nonprofiteer because it is the one most available to me, but I hope to expand in the future as my perspective develops through school and experience.

Thus, you can expect this blog to include:

  • Issues and/or lessons learned from the nonprofit industry that might impact healthcare
  • Personal reflections on medical education and healthcare from my experience as a medical student
  • Reviews and link roundups of current issues in healthcare as featured in other blogs, news sources or books

In part, I write this blog to build my personal brand as a connector to healthcare/nonprofit-related resources and a creative problem solver, but I am also writing to join and stimulate the conversation for seeking different models and solutions for healthcare’s most intractable dilemmas. Like building better patient-doctor relationships, like making it financially sustainable, like encouraging better preventative medicine, and so on.

So, please join me in the conversation to build a better, more effective and more sustainable healthcare system.