2010: Learning to be Grateful

It’s been a rough several weeks.

Anatomy ended, and with it, my sense of knowing what was expected of me and my sense of feeling like I knew where I was going. It was like the sky opened up with extra-curricular responsibilities and being who I am, I took those opportunities wholeheartedly. And, as one would expect, I found myself completely overwhelmed — unable to write, unable to think, unable to even truly unwind.

Before I left for winter break, I sat down with someone truly remarkable who reminded me that despite all of the difficulties associated with this profession that I have signed up for, despite how long the road may seem and how uncertain the payoff, I am truly lucky to have the privilege of being where I am.Here’s why:

1) I have the unique privilege of being a student. As a student, in exchange for taking on a great number of loans and having to study some rather difficult material, I also have the opportunity to train myself in whatever skills I want or feel like I might need. I can pick the projects I am working on based on what I am passionate about and what I want to learn. If I fail, the stakes are relatively low: I’ve lost my own time, the time of my mentors and community partners, and perhaps a few seed funds. If I succeed, the sky’s the limit from setting up a new clinic to care for the underserved to leveraging new ways for mobile phones to make better health.

**2) **At the end of this road, I am assured of a fulfilling career when I graduate. Regardless of how much I might hate whatever course I am taking now or the bureaucratic hoops I may have to jump through, at the end of the day, I will be able to a) get a job without too much trouble and b) get it doing something that is worthwhile: saving lives. It does not get any better than that.

**3) **I am fortunate to be sharing this journey with a man that I love, a family that supports me, and some of the most talented and incredible classmates and friends that a girl could ask for. ‘Nuff said.

Happy New Year, everyone, and thank you for following this blog despite my inactivity. More posts to follow in the New Year!